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Welcome to Thundersub HQ a Thundersub / Blue Noah resource site!

When I searched the World Wide Web for information on Thundersub/Blue Noah, I found next to nothing.
Therefore this web site became a way for me to bring everything I could find together in to one place.

If you have anything to contribute or ask then please contact me!

Thundersub HQ

21 / July / 2008 - Update



Some time has passed and I've gotten some things done:

* Image Gallery is working again
* New Images
* New content to the Multimedia Section

2 / January / 2008 - Thundersub / Blue Noah OST revival



From Japan comes some interesting bits of information, apparently Sony Music is considering to reproduce the original OST to Thundersub/Blue Noah, in CD format (and quality, hopefully).

Now they are currently only considering it, so they are now taking in "reservations", a sort of pre-order I'd imagine. Now since my Japanese is... horrible I can't really tell you much more other than the link:


At the time of writing this the reservation meter is at 70% of 100%. So if you're in Japan or know Japanese and has the capability of signing up to this reservation drive then please do.

Thanks to Yukitoshi Chijiwa from Tokyo for this information.

9 / Mars / 2007 - Update



Wow, quite awhile since the last news post. But, then again, nothing much has happened.

* The FAQ Section has been added, be sure to look there before you ask a question!

* The hosted songs and videos have been down for some time, but they are back now.

If you have any suggestions or other related stuff to talk about, then drop me a mail or stop by the forum.

15 / February / 2006 - Update



OK finaly enough happened to warrant an small news post, so here it goes:

* Thanks to Beredimas over at X-Lair new videos (along with all the old stuff) are now hosted!

* Awhile back I found this link that should be interesting to read trough

* A few new images will be uploaded within a few days, nothing major

3 / September / 2005 - Website status



The new site is up! I want to extend my deepest gratitude to EneNL for the basic site design.

Oh that banner will probably change :P

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